by Mountains Like Wax

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released November 6, 2015

Executive Producer: Mountains Like Wax & Waterman Creative

Produced by John Potts & Quinn Erwin at Brightwolf, Murfreesboro, TN

Engineered by John Potts

Mitchell Taylor: Vox, Guitars
Samuel Katz: Lead Guitars
Preston Vaughn: Drums

Additional programming by Quinn Erwin & John Potts
Bass by Ryan McLemore

Mixed by Eric Torres
Mastered by Welcome to 1979, Nashville, TN
Artwork by Sarah Schulkins
Album design by J. Kyle Kelly at Villain Place, Nashville, TN

"Control" written by Mountains Like Wax & Quinn Erwin
"Contingency Theory" written by Mountains Like Wax & Quinn Erwin
"Untitled" and "The Runner" written by Mountains Like Wax



all rights reserved


Mountains Like Wax Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Indie/Southern Post-Rock

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Track Name: Control
On the shore of thoughts that wreck in me

Seas subside; ache to awakening

Stripped of my useless reckoning mind

Forced to face bending time

I’m not scared, but I wish I was

Enough to fall and break what I've become

I've refused to open up my eyes

To see my gods are contrasting kinds

As they cast shadows in my mind

I saw hope shine with the rising tide

I’m not scared, but I wish I was

Enough to fall

And break what I've become

Down to blood, toe to toe with doubt

When I run, I'm not running out

I’m not running out
Track Name: Contingency Theory
A ghost
You come and go
A black cloak
A phantom since the womb
a dark cloud on the open sea
Where'd you run to now,
or did you fall asleep?

And I thought you'd come around
But I fear it's too late
I fear it's too late

Your room
Don't you see it's growing cold?
Excuses grow exceedingly more old
Now all you seem to know
Is your beard filled with tobacco smoke
Now love disfigures me
to something I'm not recognizing

And I hoped you'd come around
But I fear it's too late
I fear it's too late
I swore you'd be hear now
But I fear it's too late
I fear it's too late
Track Name: Untitled
The sun always rises in the morning
But you're always leaving without a warning
It's cold when I'm sleeping all alone
At night in this house that I don't own

The sun's always setting in the evening
That's just about the time that you start your leaving
I'm so tired of praying that it's you
That I rest my eyes and hold onto
Track Name: The Runner
You go on and shut your door
You go on and fight your own war
Oh, you keep on running
Don't you, Anna?
But oh, I just keep coming
'Cause you're not gonna

You're just a ship with no rudder
You have to close your eyes when you go under
You refuse to recognize
The love that swells up in my eyes

I keep misreading the signs
Or maybe this love has stricken me blind
Oh, how much I've prayed for you, Anna
If you knew how far I've strayed, little Anna